Semen Examination

For a reliable assessment of breeding suitability

Why is a semen examination performed?

  1. Examination of semen quality (breeding suitability)
  • The male has not bred yet
  • The male has not bred in a long time
  • After normal mating two or more bitches are left empty
  1. Part of the semen examination for fresh semen insemination, preparation of cooled semen and the preparation of deep-frozen semen

What examinations can be performed?

  1. Routine Examination:
    shape, quantity, color, forward progressing sperm present?, semen density, estimated percentage of forward progressing sperm, percentage of immovable and morphologically altered sperm
  2. Complete semen examination with report
    As in 1. and additionally detailed differentiation of the changed sperm cells after localization of the changes
    Separate assessment of the prostate secretions
    Bacteriological examination in main phase and prostate secretions (aerobic microbial flora, antibiogram if needed)

Additional examinations

  • Determination of alkaline phosphatase (AP) as an "epididymis marker" in the question of whether an ejaculate without sperm really comes from the testis / epididymis or whether it is only prostatic fluid

  • ultrasound examination of the testicles and prostate (as part of the complete andrological examination)

  • Anaerobic bacterial flora in the main phase of the semen and/or prostatic fluid incl. Antibiogramm

  • Infertility profile (IDEXX Vet Med Labor, Ludwigsburg)
    PCR-test for: Brucella canis, Canine Herpesvirus, Chlamydophila spp., Mycoplasma spp., and aerobic germplasm

    Is a complete semen analysis always performed?

  • No! It can be individually decided which examination is useful, necessary or desired, according to needs