Celina Del Amo in Wallau!

Erster Wallauer Züchtertag am Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

Wir freuen uns auf die Vorträge von

- Frau Celina Del Amo (Buch: Die Welpenschule)

- Referent/in der Firma Vetoquinol

- Dr. Konrad Blendinger (Hundesamenbank)

Abschluß: Sektempfang in den Praxisräumen der Tierarztpraxis Blendinger / HSB-Blendivet

Genaue Themen und Zeiten einschließlich aller Informationen zur Anmeldung folgen in Kürze.


Herstellung von Tiefgefriersamen auf dem Windhundfestival in Donaueschingen

Wie schon in den vergangenen Jahren sind wir auf dem Windhundfestival in Donaueschingen am 12. und 13. August diesen Jahres (vgl. mit einem Messestand vertreten, an dem Sie sich über die HSB-Blendivet GmbH mit ihren Softwareprodukten DogRep und Dogstock informieren können.

Sie können auch am Sonntag, 13.8.17 Samen Ihres Rüden einfrieren lassen.

Bitte melden Sie sich vorher an. Am besten per Email:

Rückfragen gerne auch an diese Email-Adresse.


Meeting of DogRep partner veterinarians in Wallau

This year's meeting of the DogRep-partner veterinarians (HSB-Blendivet Breeding Time Determination Partner) takes place on Sat. 05.12.2017 in the practice rooms in Wallau.


  • Operation of the Canine Semen Bank - Examination of canine semen
  • What's new in the DogRep software

In the evening there will once again be a culinary highlight at the cozy get-together in the nearby village.


Lecture at the Veterinary Congress in Moscow

April 20th - 23rd, 2017:

Lectures at the veterinary congress in Moscow on breeding time determination, insemination, semen shipping, and combating infertility in dog breeding.


Meeting of the Working Group on Reproductive Medicine in dog breeding eV (AGRH eV) in Gießen

10th annual meeting of the AGRH e.V.

for veterinarians:



How accurate is the DogRep-result sheet? - New statistics! (Accuracy of the DogRep result sheet.)

The accuracy of the determination of the ovulation term determination, as recorded in the DogRep result sheet, is always checked by our own examinations.

The current HSB-Blendivet statistics show that on an average spontaneous delivery starts 62.9 days after the estimated ovulation date. In addition, 93% of births occur between day 61 and day 65 after estimated ovulation.

This is based on clinical data for the outstanding reliability of the DogRep result sheet!

Normal inition of parturition takes place 62.9 days after estimated day of ovulation.
93% of bitches start parturition between day 61 and 65 after estimated day of parturition.

This shows clearly - based on clinical data - the very high accuracy of the DogRep result sheet!


Seminar in Bielefeld for veterinarians

We would like to thank all conference participants and visitors at the booth for the great interest and the enriching exchange of experiences!

On the occasion of the 25th Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians Intensive training for small animal practice (bpt-Intensivfortbildung Kleintierpraxis) in Bielefeld from March 2nd to 5th, 2017 HSB-Blendivet again offered a full-day seminar in cooperation with bioMérieux GmbH on:

Progesterone determination and transcervical (endoscopic) insemination in dogs.


Normal and pathological cycle in dogs

Conduct of insemination in dogs

Progesterone determination (device presentation - details about handling and equipment)

Insemination (device presentation and application)

DogRep: additional software for progesterone determination




NEW HSB-Blendivet Service! A review (CACIB Nürnberg January 7 and 8 2017)

For the first time in Germany: Preparation of frozen sperm at an international pedigree dog exhibition (CACIB)

The very first preparation of frozen semen at exhibitions is the promising start of a new service from HSB-Blendivet GmbH. It all started with a rather timid call from HSB-Blendivet to the exhibition management in Nuremberg. Mr. and Mrs. Schön were immediately hooked and made it possible to offer the new HSB-Blendivet GmbH service within the framework of the International Pedigree Dog Exhibition (CACIB) from 7 and8 January2017 in Nuremberg: the preparation of frozen semen from of valuable breeding males.

The examination rooms for DOK-eye exam and the examination on patellal luxation have been established for years within the framework of the International Breeders' Exhibition. An additional room for the collection of the dog's semen and processing in the laboratory (Figures 1 and 2) was then separated. Interested breeders had already registered their males in advance, so that all individual preparations were made. Surprisingly for the owners of the males and HSB-Blendivet employees was that the environment hardly had an intimidating effect on the males. Overall, frozen semen from 11 males was collected. Only in the case of one male was the attempt to collect semen unsuccessful under the circumstances. Also the semen quality, which was determined 1-2 days later using a thawing probe, exceeded all expectations.

The production of frozen semen at dog shows and the storage of the semen in Germany offers an enormous convenience for breeders, who sometimes have to travel very long distances to participate in the pedigree dog exhibition. They spare the interested owners of the bitches the long road to the male and allow for conception on site.


CACIB Nürnberg 7 and 8 January 2017 (Semen freezing - Semen collection!)

We will have a booth at the CACIB on January 7 and 8 in Nuremberg.

You can also have semen collected from your male and frozen.

Information and registration at


Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


New website online

Welcome to the new HSB-Blendivet website!