Semen Processing

According to international standards and with the highest commitment to quality

Fresh Semen:

  1. Fresh semen is taken directly for insemination in a bitch in heat.
  2. It is often useful to reduce the volume of semen. For this purpose, the semen is centrifuged and the not needed amount of prostatic secretions is removed.

Cooled Semen:

  1. cooled semen is prepared for the short-term transportation.
  2. Insemination should take place within the first three (or four) days after collection.
  3. The semen can also be deep frozen for up to 30 hours after arrival in a semen bank.

Deep Frozen Semen:

  1. In different production steps, the dog's semen can be prepared, packaged, and frozen (see pictures).
  2. Only in this way do all the benefits of insemination come into play. (see reasons for insemination).