All prices include VAT in Germany (OCT 2016)

Production of chilled semen

  • Collection and shipping within Germany
    245 EUR
  • Collection and shipping within Europe
    380 EUR

Production / Preparation of frozen semen

  • One-time preparation of frozen semen
    350 EUR
  • of 10 insemination doses

    (of a male within 12 weeks)

    795 EUR
  • Storage of 1-10 insemination doses per year
    95 EUR

Insemination of semen

  • Fresh semen endoscopic transcervical insemination
    175 EUR
  • Chilled semen insemination (TCI, endoscopic transcervical insemination)
    185 EUR
  • Insemination of frozen-thawed semen TCI (endoscopic transcervical insemination)
    210 EUR
  • Surgical insemination (frozen semen)

    (excl. medication and materials)

    385 EUR
  • Weekend and holiday surcharge for surgical insemination (frozen semen)
    59 EUR
  • Weekend and holiday surcharge endoscopic insemination (cooled semen/frozen semen)
    45 EUR

Shipping of frozen semen

  • Within Germany
  • Shipping within Germany (reusable container)
    195 EUR
  • within Europe
  • Shipping within Europe (reusable container)

    (individual  variations occasionally may happen)

    555 EUR
  • to USA/Canada
  • Shipping to USA/Canada (reusable container)
    839 EUR

Andrological investigation / Semen examination

  • Short semen examination incl. result printout
    75 EUR
  • Andrologic ultrasound exam (Bladder, Kidneys, Prostate, testicles
    75 EUR
  • Additional study on anaerobic bacteria incl. Antibiogram
    35 EUR
  • Infertility - and abortion Profile

    (PCR testing for Brucella canis, canine herpes virus; Chlamydia spp., Mycoplasem spp. incl. Bacteriological examination)
    (lab costs)

    145 EUR