Why insemination or storage?

Good reasons for insemination

Fresh semen insemination:

  1. Help with unclear, problematic mating behavior
  2. Help with an unclear cycle in a bitch
  3. Help with questionable fertility in a male
  4. Diagnosis of genital diseases
  5. Protecting the dogs against transmittable diseases

Reasons for using chilled semen:

  1. Possible national and international shipping of semen

  2. Transport or shipping of semen to a sperm bank, where it can be frozen.

    Reasons for using frozen semen:

  3. "Insuring" the dog against accidents, illness or death causing failures in the ability to mate

  4. Being able to mate even if the dog is not available for mating for a variety of reasons.

  5. Being able to mate even when the true breeding value is only found years later

  6. Being able to mate after losing the ability to mate

  7. National and international semen transport