Stages in the development of HSB-Blendivet GmbH

The aim of HSB-Blendivet is to help healthy dogs be bred with a breed typical, solid nature.

We see this as a veterinary medical discipline of the future.

End of 2005
Start of the systematic recording of insemination with frozen semen at the Drs. Blendinger veterinary practice
July 2009
Quantitative measurement of the serum progesterone values in our own laboratory
August 2009
Documentation of the progesterone values in a specially created online software
April 2011
Founding of HSB-Blendivet UG (limited liability) The areas "Breeding Time Determination" and "Semen Bank" were separated from Drs. Blendinger veterinary practice to facilitate the business processes and transferred to a company of their own.
July 2011
First HSB-Blendivet Breeding Time Determination Franchise Partner (see DogRep Partner)
August 2011
Accounting of semen movements in a software module specially designed for administering the semen bank
August 2013
Personal customer access to the HSB-Blendivet online portal. Since then, customers have been able to view the data generated online for the bitches, as well as the semen stock stored for them online
January 2015
Successful insemination with frozen semen (11 puppies) in Dubai by HSB-Blendivet
March 2016
10th HSB-Blendivet Breeding Time Determination partner (see DogRep - Partner)
May 2016
Name change from HSB-Blendivet UG (limited liability) to HSB-Blendivet GmbH
August 2016
First decentralized preparation of frozen semen in Germany at an international pedigree dog show (Windhundtage Donaueschingen)