How do I find the right dog for my bitch?

Good breeding associations have a detailed plan to promote certain positive characteristics within their breed and reduce the frequency of undesired properties. To carry out such programs, which are mostly accompanied by geneticists, the association provides a wide range of information material to every breeder and also helps with the selection of the breeding partners.

Please contact your breeders' association or contact the Association for the German Kennels (

In our experience, it is worthwhile to take the time to get to know the short listed dogs directly. After all, no key figure, no test, and examination result can replace the first impression the individual character of a dog leaves behind when he is personally met in his home environment, at work, or at an exhibition.

Should you find the dream partner for your bitch, the HSB-Blendivet will be happy to help you overcome the limitations of time and space, which hinder the execution of the mating.